Why Aromatherapy Massage?

Since the beginning of Spa Blue, in Jersey City, back in January 2017,

aromatherapy has been part of our services. For many, the "rich smells" were like a fad

and they looked at them with skepticism; as if it was just a fancy element, little more

than an ornament, which was incorporated into the new aesthetics in the world of the

spa. As a simple extension of French perfumery accommodated to 21st century


But our choice to include aromatherapy-connected services had - and is - a much

more serious foundation than critics thought. Medical science continues to confirm the

importance of essential oils in the well-being of the person. The Mayo Clinic published

on its blog on 3/27/2021 an article by Stacy M. Peterson, entitled “Why aromatherapy

is showing up in hospital surgical units”, where it presents in a simple way how experts

are looking for answers and discovering that potent , plant-based scents may just have

a place in the science of health and healing.

Spa Blue wants to be at the forefront of the care of our clients, providing

them with aids that contribute to their total well-being. Not just looking handsome after

a gorgeous hairstyle or haircut; not just feeling renewed after a hair color change

treatment that helps you discover your "other self"; not just feeling younger and more

beautiful after Artie's magical hands offer you a facial; not only do you leave here

relaxed after receiving a massage from our qualified professionals... but we also want

your mood to improve with the care of your inner being. Feeling good inside and out

after visiting Spa Blue.

That is why we include aromatherapy in several of our massage treatments. The

physical touch is as important as the scent itself due to its ability to calm the body and

bring people together. While the primary purpose of our Aromatherapy Massage and

Aroma Touch Technique® services is to offer a space of peace and relaxation, apply the

oils, and provide the recipient with an essential oil experience, these therapeutic

massages help create feelings of trust and support the recipient to relax.

by Juan Luis Calderón, STL, LMT, RM

Mayo Clinic article:


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