He was born in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1982.
When Hector was a teenager, he discovered his passion for styling hair. After his parents learned of Hector’s dream of one day becoming a hair stylist, they wished for Hector to complete his studies instead—thinking that a college education was more pragmatic.


Hector obliged and earned a degree in education in 2005. His passion of becoming a hair stylist, however, never wavered, and so he decided to make his dreams come true. Hector immigrated to the United States in 2006, leaving his beloved family behind, and found himself in Jersey City. At first, Jersey City brought Hector some odd jobs where he was able to save some money to put himself through Hudson County School of Technology’s vocational cosmetology program. While studying at Tech, Hector also worked as an assistant at Icon Hair Studio in Downtown Jersey City where he developed his craft. In 2007, Hector obtained his license in Cosmetology and Hair Styling. He then
grew his prominently Jersey City clientele which enabled him to take the biggest leap of
his life—opening his own salon! Posh Hair Studio opened in the Paulus Hook
neighborhood in the winter of 2009, which has employed several stylists and contributed
to the Jersey City economy. Hector did not stop there, however. Motivated by the revival
and overall positive changes happening throughout Jersey City, Hector’s vision became
set on opening a spa, and earlier this year, Jersey City’s newest spa came to fruition when
Hector opened Spa Blue. Hector found inspiration in the color blue as it represents
infinite sky and infinite possibilities lending Spa Blue its name. Spa Blue endeavors to
provide its clients an environment of relaxation and revitalization in a modern and
minimalist ambiance. As Jersey City rejuvenates, so can you. Spa Blue is located at 280
Marin Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey within the Metropolis Towers, formerly
Gregory Park, Jersey City’s oldest towers.