Gentleman's Manicure.    $15.00

Women's Manicure.    $15.00

Paraffin Manicure.    $40.00

Treatment using safe wax that moisturizes and soften dry skin.$40.00

French Manicure

French Manicure.     $22.00

Weekly Manicure.     $20.00 

This polish option is for those who want their color to stay no longer

than a week and do not want to do UV gel.  

Polish Change For Hands.    $8.00
French $15.00

Gel Removal.    $5.00

Color Gel Manicure.    $35.00

French Gel Manicure.    $45.00

UV Gel Clear Set Manicure – (with color gel).    $100.00

UV French Set Manicure.    $115.00

UV Clear Fill In Manicure – (Dip Powder Manicure).    $60.00

UV French Fill In Manicure.    $65.00

Gentleman's Spa Manicure.    $30.00

Spa Manicure.    $30.00